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Clubs & Programs

Organizations, Clubs, Programs offered at LHS:

The benefit of a new High School, is the impact that our students and staff will have as the forerunners of creating traditions, programs, and clubs at our school. As clubs and organizations begin to form, we will continue to update this portion of our resource page. The world is wide open at LHS!

Liberty High School is a unique school in our District. It will be the first and currently only school, in the surrounding community, to offer four unique pathways at our school:

School of Business and Entrepreneurship:

By graduation: students will exhibit basic marketing, entrepreneurship, and business principles through culmination projects and activities related to the business sector.

School of Engineering, Innovation, and Design:

By graduation: students will know how to work with other students to tackle problems, design experiments and projects to arrive at solutions, and explore artistic expression in completing projects.

School of Public Service and Leadership:

By graduation: students will learn the skills needed to be work with and be a part of local, state, and federal governmental agencies.

School of Health Sciences and Medical Technology:

By graduation: students will learn how to provide compassionate and competent care, communicate effectively with patients and providers as well as ensure the delivery of optimal, professional, and innovative (medical) healthcare.

*Please note that we will do our best to place students in their first choice of their career pathway; however, due to limited space, for all pathways, if we are not able to place your child in their first choice, we will look to their alternative pathways and go from there. All pathways prepare our students to be College Bound and learn valuable skills for their future.